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Creating Positive Environments While

Strengthening Relationships



Tips and strategies for every day conflicts.  Chapters with scenarios on marriage, dating, siblings, blended families, adult children, pets and workplace.

Families, friendships and employments have been broken or ended over unnecessary conflict that spiraled out of control. 99 Conflicts to Avoid helps the reader question what reaction, if any, a situation demands and whether or not the reaction will further escalate the conflict. The book also addresses situations that should be approached with humor and ones that are so ridiculous that after some thought, should be avoided.  99 Conflicts addresses several categories, from family to the workplace to places of worship using real-life scenarios.  But most of all, 99 Conflicts to Avoid makes you think.

Special Features

This is the first of the 99 Conflicts series.  The series gives practical information about everyday conflicts in a friendly, personal but forthright style.  The chapters are short and they deal with practical issues providing plenty of examples.  99 Conflicts also provides tips, special notations and articles on those heavier topics such as conflicts between cultures, bullying, dating and domestic violence. It is available in Spanish and is accompanied by a workbook and journal.  

In the first book, you're introduced to Pea'Ce, our peace dove, from our corporate, Wingspan Seminars' logo.  For many years Pea'Ce has represented the foundation of what we do, create safe environments while strengthening relationships.  Every two years, the Pea'Ce Awards are presented to a person or organization that promotes communal peace.

99 Conflicts to Avoid will be launched May 2015 in Las Vegas, NV.

99 Conflicts to Avoid will be provided to each registrant of We're Going Somewhere, a retreat for women in business,

April 25-26, 2015, Miami Beach, FL 

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