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Marsha Sims

Ms. Sims' company, Sort it Out has been established as one of the top organizing companies in the world. She is the author of three books the first, Organizing Your Day, being so popular that it was published in Germany. Her online Clutter-Free University offers online and local classes. Ms. Sims now trains and certifies people who want to become a professional organizer through her "Client- Focused Organizing" Certification Program.

Dr. Tina Dupree

Dr. Dupree has created a motivational program with a motto, and book, It's Time to Invest in Yourself. Her books and acclaim has taken her to The White House. She has earned her own day. November 4th was named National Chicken Day from her being a corporate spokesperson for many years. Dr. Dupree's organization, Professional Speaker's Network has over 150 professional speakers that she has personally trained and certified. She teaches how to speak and get PAID.

Darrell HOUSE

An award winning children's author, Mr. House is an entertaining musician that draws both children and adult audiences. With a Parent's Gold Award for humorous works for children and families, his creativity and credentials are unquestioned.

Mr. House's brand has proffered him interviews, singing, speaking engagements and a children's television show; now in the making!

The King of Fish was named the Best Published Children's Picture Book-2012 Royal Palm Literary Award.

Dr. Keiron Brown

With over twenty years in private practice as a licensed psychologist, Dr. Keiron Brown has conducted psychological evaluations for children, adolescence and adults.  His background has established a foundation for now what had led to a line of info products including books, an app and website with an international following. His most recent book is Don't Date a Psycho: Don't Be One. Don't Date One. Combining both worlds, Dr. Brown wants to show you how to stay focused while establishing your brand and info products.



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