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Title:  Domestic Violence

Speaker:  Ivon Mesa, (CVAC), Coordinated Victims Assistance Center  

Description:   ~~This workshop will discuss the effects that domestic violence can have on children and how we, as parents, can minimize those effects. Please bullet at least two objectives that will be met. • The participants will learn about domestic violence, its components, and its dynamics. • The participants will learn about the effects that domestic violence can have on children and how parents can minimize the damage caused by it.

Title:  Sexual Orientation: The Basics All Parents & Guardians Need To Know

Speaker:  Robert Loupo, Safe Schools South Florida

Description: ~~Youth who are GLBTQ (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning) and parents/guardians who have gay children or who are gay themselves face added stressors in their schools and communities. This presentation will explain the definition of sexual orientation and how sexual orientation is different from gender identity; review the specific stressors GLBTQ youth and families face in their schools and communities; and provide resources and strategies on how to reduce and/or manage the stressors that they face.

Objectives 1.) To define sexual orientation 2) ) To review stressors LGBTQ youth & LGBTQ families face 3) To provide community resources & strategies to help manage and/or reduce the stressors these youth & families face

Title:  Bullying, More Than Meets The Eye 

Speaker:  Priscilla Dames, Wingspan Seminars

Description:~~  Most people understand the basic definition of bullying. What’s not understood however is the prevalence, warning signs and the detrimental effects it has on all children. Objectives: 1. To know the warning signs of a child being bullied and how to intervene. 2. To know the difference between bullying and teasing. 3. To know the short and long term effects of being bullied

Title:  It's Time to talk About Youth Suicide

Speaker:  Demian Lausidio, Switchboard

Description:   ~~ The purpose of this session is to help you, family members become aware of how to recognize the warning signs and risk factors of suicide so that you will be able to identify these signs in youth who you may encounter in everyday activities. Oftentimes, people do not know what to do or where to go to get help and support when faced with concerns that something may be “wrong”. A provided guide will give you the information you need to find help for youth in your community. It will also provide you with information to increase your awareness in how you can play an important role in promoting suicide prevention efforts. Objectives 1.) Becoming aware of the warning signs and risk factors of suicide and knowing how you can help an at risk youth. 2.) Becoming a mentor and apart of a supportive network; mentor, partner, or advocate for families in the community.

Title:  Grief and Loss

Speaker:  Deborah Grossman, Hollywood Healing Center

Description:  ~~My observations as a bereaved parent was that I was in pain even after one on one “talk therapy”. I had an awareness early on that repeating the same facts and horrific memories week in and week out did not bring me solace. My topic deals with a heart based approach to processing grief. It is extremely important to work with clients incorporating our personal losses. Unlike traditional counseling, I have found that none of us are exempt from loss in our life. Connecting with parents who have lost children show them that they need not be marginalized, and even though every loss stands alone, there are threads that bind us together. I once heard of a line of all mothers holding hands around the planet. A separate line branched off of the original line; those are mothers who have lost children. We share a unique and special bond that binds us together, yet sets us apart. Objectives 1) Participants can identify 3 types of loss that would be considered “complicated” 2) Participants can define stigmatized loss and disenfranchised griever  

Title:  Transitioning for Immigrant Parents

SPeaker:  Dr. Guilhene Benjamin, M-DCPS Parent Academy

Description:  ~~This presentation will introduce an Adlerian parenting program and the various research findings that support its development. The ENCHOR program is based on the principles of encouragement, consequences, honor, and respect. It addresses the cultural needs of parents who grew up in oppression and are transitioning to a democratic culture. It was successfully implemented with various minority groups in Miami-Dade schools. 

• Participants will develop an understanding of the parenting education program and how it can help parents establish a democratic atmosphere in their family. • Participants will become aware of research findings that support the implementation of the parenting education program.

Title:  Human Trafficking

SPEAKER:  Sunny Slaughter

Description:  ~~To Educate, Empower and Engage (E3) the community in a conversation about the presence, potential and problematic pressures as it relates to human trafficking in America. Attendees will be provided with information on how to access resources, ask questions, and how to identify vulnerable populations in order to effectively engage community leaders, law enforcement and victim service providers in addressing the problem.  • Explain the intersecting correlation between human trafficking and other crimes.

Objectives 1.) Define human trafficking – sex and labor  2.) Analyze human trafficking and the impact on communities.  


Title:  What About Me? Parents Still Dream

Speaker:  Cheryl White, Family in Distress

Description:~~  The account of how adults spend their lives feeling lost as they work their way through the ups and downs – initially from their parents’ broken marriage, parental neglect, leading them as adults towards a spiral of avoiding connectivity with others, feeling trapped by responsibility, and trying to run from especially committed relationships. Watch the adult self in what appears to be an entirely unconscious way – working, raising children, but needing to discover the significance of their continual avoidance of emotional commitment and emotional intimacy – with self as much as with others. 

Objectives 1.) Clearer Understanding of Who Am I – the ‘I’, ‘Me,’ and the ‘Self.’

  2.)Visit Down The Memory Hole: View the Challenges Of Reconstructing the Past  

Title:  Special Needs Children; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

SPeaker: Dr. Marietta Castellanos, Private Practice

Description:  Dr. Castellanos will present issues that special needs children have and how family members can best help. The discussion will include differential diagnosis and treatment options. Special needs children, differential diagnosis and treatment options.

Objectives 1) Evaluation and diagnosis 2) Understanding the options available for treatment of ADHD 3) Ways that ADHD may affect the student at school and social life


Title:  communicating with Your Child Through Varying Cultural Styles

Speaker:   Ellen Samimy & Joy Mckenzie , The Counseling Group 

Description:  Our presentation explores varying parenting styles and recognizes that awareness of one’s personal style is the first step toward healthy parenting. We highlight the connection between parental input and childhood behavior. We propose that motivational techniques can be employed by clinicians working with families to explore how parents’ feelings are translated into behavior. Teaching empathy to parents is integral to teaching healthy communication.

Objectives1.) Recognize varying parenting styles (authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, etc…)

 2.) Realize child's behavior is relative to the types of interaction