Creating Positive Environments While

Strengthening Relationships

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Retreat Program Overview

Saturday, April 25 8:00 am-5:30 pm

8:00 Registration Coffee

9:00 Welcome Priscilla Dames

Leaning in Vs Leaning Out-Priscilla Dames

Paulette Hicks - Business Development Mastermind

Vision Boarding Workshop

12:00-1:00 Lunch Included

 Christina Rowe- Social Media Marketing

Website Analysis Workshop:  Michael Hall/Felecia Hatcher 

 Business Focus Groups:

Waverly Walker
Josie Soto-Client Conversion
Evie Hernandez-Constant Contact Strategist
Stephanie Van Vark-Strategic Positioning
Brian Morse-Million-Two-One Directory


5:30 Dinner/Promo Videos /Headshots/Spa-On Your Own


8:00 –Pillow Talk Slumber Party

Business CCC Games
Wine Tasting by PRP Wine International
Pamper Stations
Collaborative Art
The Art of Sensual Health

Sunday, April 26 8:00 am-12: noon

8:00 Coffee & Sunday Inspiration

9:00 Tonya Seavers Evans Imaging: Brand You!

Beautiful You: In & Out Workshop:

Rory Lee- Makeup, Elizabeth Garcia- Skin & Nails, Diana Hernandez-Hair

12:00 Retreat Closing with Red Carpet Interviews

Lunch/Spa/Video Promos/Headshots-On Your Own .